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This brand new collection of model STAR TREK starships includes all
the most significant vessels from all five STAR TREK TV series, including
dozens of ships that have never been produced before. Each ship has
been painstakingly recreated in die-cast metal and high quality ABS and
then painted by hand. Each model also comes with a special
collector’s magazine.

Two new ships will be released every month. And here’s the good bit – each
model with its magazine is only $19.95 (issue one only $4.95!). For full details
on how to get this superb collection, please scroll down.


Subscribe to the Star Trek Starships
    Collection today and receive the U.S.S.
     Enterprise 1701-D,  the first collector's
                            magazine and the
                                    collection guide for
only $4.95! Shipping is FREE!

You will then receive 2 starships per month
     for just $19.95 each, an exceptional value
          for die-cast models of such quality!

Read your issues online or on an iPad,
 search every article for keywords, and
  click on links to explore the
    entire Star Trek

        *iPad not included

Gift 1: I will receive my FREE binder my 2nd shipment

Gift 2: I will then receive my FREE Dedication Plaquewith my 5th shipment

Gift 3: I will then receive my FREE Future Enterprise-D Ship with my 10th shipment 

Gift 4: I will receive my FREE Borg Cube with my 15th shipment

EXTRA GIFT! I will receive access to the online version as soon as my subscription begins

As a subscriber to the collection, we will also make some variant models available to you. There are 70 ships planned for the collection – click here to see the full list.

Order today and get the first ship, magazine & collector's guide for only $4.95. Shipping is FREE!

We will then send you 2 ships a month, for $19.95 each, plus $1.95 each for shipping and handling. With each shipment you will also get 2 FREE magazines and periodically our Collector's Club FREE GIFTS.

Absolutely no commitment: You can cancel anytime at no cost, no questions asked!

We have a 60-day money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with our models, we will refund their value completely!

Click here to tell us what you think, by completing our reader questionnaire. You could win an $100 Amazon gift voucher!

Each issue comes with a fascinating and informative magazine, read about it here.

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You can subscribe today using our highly secure and easy-to-use online order area. Or you can buy at your local shop.

Eaglemoss Publications Ltd has been creating amazing collections in Europe since the 1970s. Eaglemoss works with some of the greatest brands including Marvel Inc, DC Comics and Eon Productions, and is especially pleased to have been given the license to create this collection by CBS. Click here to read more about Eaglemoss’ collections.

All the models and the content of each magazine
are fully approved by CBS Studios, the makers of
STAR TREK, and each model has been carefully
prepared with reference to the actual CG models used on the shows
and, where it exists, with photography of the original studio models.